Welcome to Whiting Family Dental. Here you will find various In-House Comprehensive Discount Dental Plans that suit the needs of any Business, Individual, Couple, and Family.




Common features of typical dental insurance

  • Claim forms
  • Deductibles, limitations, and yearly maximums
  • Waiting periods for major procedures
  • Limitations/exclusions on pre-existing conditions (long application and approval process)
  • Specialties like orthodontics or other cosmetic procedures are seldom covered
  • Monthly premiums
  • Portions of procedures are not covered in full (preventive care is usually covered completely by the insurance company and the portion of other services covered is typically higher than with a dental plan)
  • Difficult to obtain as an individual, dental insurance usually held only by those who get it through their employer

Common features of typical dental plans (including the Whiting Family Dental Comprehensive Dental Plan)

  • No yearly limit, members get discounts on most dental services regardless of how many benefits they have previously received
  • Most plans activate within 1 - 3 business days (ours activates immediately)
  • Less paperwork
  • No health restrictions
  • Yearly premium
  • Available for individuals, couples, families, businesses, and groups


Dental plans are much simpler to understand than dental insurance. Most privileges are stated clearly and are easy to understand. If you have very good dental insurance, the dental plan may sound more appealing but you may spend less over time per procedure with your dental insurance. What it comes down to is what your specific dental needs are and whether you have access to good dental insurance. As you look at dental plans versus dental insurance, weigh the costs against the benefits of each. Also, find out all the restrictions, such as annual maximums and provider networks you must use.